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Portraits from India

Photography. Sebastian Vilariño
Text. Agustina Vigano

In secular india, a vast land where history of empires left hundreds of different religions and cultures, you meet and live them in every corner. Each state feels like a new country, where language, customs, dressings and believing are unique, however, there is something in common anywhere you go: people are friendly, smiley, curious, open hearted, welcoming, just simple. Religion for some is a must, something that they do and practice constantly and they act according to their beliving, for others is their way of life and the reason to be in this world, for others is like brushing their teeth when they wake up and before sleep, praying to the chosen god ( there are more than 100,000 hindu gods) every morning and afternoon but they forget and don’t practice anymore. No matter what person you are talking to, everyone believes in something: Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Muslim, Christian are the major ones, in Northeast tribal areas bordering Burma, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan there are still animist societies believing in the power of nature, souls, spirits, sun and moon are their “gods”. In every village there’s a wise man that practice different rituals creating the universe response, like shamans in South America.

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