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“Searching for the ends of the world” Cello Octet

When: 28.05., g 20
where Hol Column
Ticket price: free

The concert combines the projection of photographs couples Argentine rating – Guchi and Sebastian Vilariño classical music (L. Delibes, WA Mozart) and contemporary written directly under the influence of photos (JF Wojciechowski and R. Mateja)

Mixture – cello octet, a team made up of students and graduates of the Academy of Music. Paderewski in Poznan, composed Agnieszka Brojek – tutor team, Catherine Głoszkowska, SC Napiwodzka, Anna Paluszkiewicz, Antonina Suchorska, Anna Szmatoła, Klara drills, Martyn Wisniewska, artistic director – Paulina Rogowska. Interests include team alternative projects and supporting young composers.

Paulina ROGOWSKA – conductor. In 2006 she graduated from the National School of Music in Inowrocław organ class. Tomasz Kucharski, and in 2011 obtained a master’s degree in musicology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in June 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor degree in symphony conducting with prof. George Salwarowski and opera conducting with prof. Anthony Gref and prof. Warcisław Kunc. The final exam was hosted by the Poznan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. His skills honed in masterclasses with such conductors as Lior Shambadal or Romolo Gessi. The conductor such as: String Ensemble Berliner Symphoniker, Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Sudecka Inowrocławska Pro Arte Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, University of Warsaw and University in Poznan. For several years, working with young composers Poznan, performing their songs as a conductor and pianist. In 2012 she performed at the Poznań Music Spring Festival.

Georg Friedrich Wojciechowski – composer, musicologist. He studied musicology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz and composition with Dr. Monika curls at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. IJ Paderewski in Poznan. In his compositions he alludes to the music of the second half of the last century.

Radoslaw Mateja is a third-year student in the class composition prof. Zbigniew Kozub at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. IJ Paderewski in Poznan. Studying the authorities under the supervision of Professor. Elizabeth Karolak. His greatest achievement is awarded for Transatlantic Instant Composition Contest 2011 – the international competition of piano improvisation to the film, the festival Transatlantic. It deals with both classical music and entertainment.

Guchi and Sebastian Vilariño – photos
We have been married rating. During each of the next trip we build your temporary home in different parts of the world. Moving on, we take only what you need, just what we are able to carry on their shoulders. Curiosity pushes us to another, more and more distant places where we can look old, vanishing cultures. We are trying to restore the importance of travel as a cultural exchange. Every time we start a new story. We travel to places not included on maps, meet people invisible to the modern world. People who carry a thousand stories, all while being aware of the impermanence and inevitable przemijalności.Pragniemy be the voice of those who resist adverse changes, not wanting to lose their beliefs and their own identity.
Guchi and Sebastian Vilariño

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