My engine is curiosity, to know what’s happening in the hidden places of the world, to hear the mute voices of those who have been forgotten. Skeptic by nature, we’re never satisfied with just one point of view from outside or even to read somewhere. We must see it with our own eyes; we must be there and know the truth. Despite truth is a used word in which many don’t believe anymore we are still dreamers. Traveling on foot to places that aren’t shown on any map becomes a great challenge, mostly in communication matters. That’s exactly why is so beautiful, the experience so important and the final story so rich. It’s not so much of understanding or listening but to feel; that’s the real meaning of compassion: to feel what other people is feeling. Through our tools –photography and literature- we aim to raise their voices. When we find those life stories, testimonies which open doors to thousands of stories, we commit ourselves to find a way to tell their reality: when words aren’t enough, images speak and transmit.